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Angel will go down in history as one of the the 2nd best dancer of all time!!
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I started my career as a Male Exotic Dancer quite by accident. I
remember it as if it were yesterday…
Peppers in the city of Industry was a popular club during
the mid to late 90’s. They had a promotional event called the sexiest
man in pajamas contest, which I was talked into entering. I won the
contest and was immediately approached by the owner of a Male Revue from La , San Fernando
that performed at Peppers. So barley twenty one years old, I started
my journey.
For the next six months I honed my skills on stage. I
watched and learned from guys that had been doing it since the 70’s
and 80’s, guys that were at one time part of the O.G crew,
Chippendales. They were seasoned vets but in my opinion outdated.
However I take nothing away from them, they paved the way and I
learned a lot. To this day some of the best acts I have ever seen.
I was coming out of a club that my partner David and I
were performing at when we noticed a young well built guy coming out
of a Hotel with what we call, a “Strippers bag”. It’s easy to spot a
fellow Dancer they just have that look. “Hey look that guy is a
Dancer”, David said. We approached him and asked if he was. He replied
“yeah Hollywoods the name”. David and I were the youngest of out crew,
David being only eighteen, and we were looking to recruit youthful
Male Performers for our crew. When Hollywood called the owner for a spot he
was told no. That because of his bald head and tattoos his look
wouldn’t work. Well…
A new California based Male Stripping agency was on the
rise which competed for Peppers Hollywood worked for this crew at the
time, and they quickly took over the show. All of the Dancers were
younger and up to date on their look and performance music. Seeing my
talent the owner of that agency asked me to join them in which I did.
David soon followed. For the next year we performed at private parties
and clubs throughout Southern Cali, one thing was missing though,
Hollywood. I wanted to perform against him, I had already become the
top Dancer in the crew and heard he was the top guy before he left. I
asked the owner what happened to him and all he said was he was fired.
Oh well, guess he’s done so I thought.
A normal Saturday night filled with Bachelorette parties,
I was arriving to my third or fourth show. When I walked in it looked
like the girls had been tossed the F*** up! I noticed another Dancer
in the room that I didn’t recognize. “What crew are you with” I asked.
“Latins Finest” he said. Latins Finest, who the hell were these guys.
He handed me a card and said to call the owner Hollywood If I ever
needed some extra work. I didn’t, the crew I was with was busy and had
become the top agency in Southern Cali. Here was my chance though. My
chance to test my skills against Hollywood



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